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Following are some reports and white paper prepared by GurujiWorld team. The main issues and problems in rural areas is the quality education, its maintenance and how Gurujiworld resolved these issues.

Problem Statement

Lack of quality education reaching to the rural students and increasing gap between urban and rural students

Gap Analysis

  1. Less Ability to Grasp Required Skill Sets.
  2. Less Scores in Academics
  3. Greater Drop out Ratio
  4. No Computer Knowledge
  5. No Quality Education
  6. Poor Educational Infrastructure
  7. Lack of Quality teachers.

Our Approach

  1. Addressing shortage of Quality Teachers
  2. Motivating rural parents to send their children to school
  3. Contribution in reduction of child dropout ratio by enhancing participation.
  4. Empowering students with ICT tools
  5. Motivate slow learners
  6. Improvement in Quality of Education
  7. Making a pedagogical shift to learner-centric environment from teacher-centric environment.
  8. Help reduce the digital divide between rural and urban areas
  9. Building e-ready rural eco-system to use existing and forthcoming e-governance services and platforms towards building Digital India.

The Engagement Process

  1. Demand creation by conducting a stakeholder survey, needs assessment & recommending program that leverage our expertise and meet the stakeholder’s expectations for their educational needs.
  2. Post survey, we design a GSocial program that primarily focuses on educational empowerment and affordable access to educational infrastructure that seeks to address the problems faced by the stakeholders.
  3. Conceptualizing a detailed CSR strategy for the GSocial program that is designed in step two above by jointly discussing with the CSR Committee of the company.
  4. Post approval, signing the MOU with the company for GSocial program and starting the Implementation of this technology based educational project.

Implementation Process

  1. Inquiry Handling: Inquiry processing followed with meetings and discussions with CSR Committee to showcase GurujiWorld’s GSocial Program
  2. Requirement Gathering: Thorough meetings and discussions with CSR Committee to gather requirements.
  3. Pre-requisites & Solution Deployment: School surveys for pre requisites identification, analysis and solution finalization and Hardware/Software deployment in schools.
  4. Implementation, Training and Evaluation: Before implementing and starting GSocial Program we conduct Pre Evaluation Exam to mark student’s current ability to grasp required skills sets. Post implementation, we provide training to teachers and quarterly exams of students to show remarkable improvements.
  5. Reporting to CSR Committee: Reporting through Pre Evaluation and Post Evaluation Statistics in graphical manner and Feedbacks collected through Semi Structured Surveys are shared in the form of a report with corporates every year.

Reports for CSR Auditing

We collect Data daily and quarterly reports are submitted on the progress of the GSocial programs to the respective corporate for whom we are executing the program helping them in their CSR Auditing.

  1. Pre Evaluation Report – Pre assessment of students to gauge the current knowledge levels as per grades.
  2. Quarterly Attendance Report – Captures information on attendance of Students to further analysis and plan participation
  3. Quarterly Performance Report – Assessments are conducted on quarterly basis and result data is analyzed to showcase improvement in the subjects assessed
  4. Feedback Reports – feedback of students and teachers on the project is captured on a quarterly basis to analyze the overall project.
  5. Co-Scholastic Skills Report – Co scholastic skills assessment (Computer Skills) is conducted on a quarterly basis and other skills data is captured over feedback.