PTM in Powai Dockyard Municipal English School

GurujiWorld Technologies has installed innovative GKlass e-Learning App and Audio Visual Klassroom along with State board interactive e-learning contents in each classroom for grades 5th to 7th at Powai Dockyard Municipal English School, Mumbai which is implemented for CSR Partner ‘L&T’. Parents teacher meeting was organized in the school in which GurujiWorld representatives Dr. Rahul Jainar and Mr. Shekhar Khairmode also participated. GurujiWorld believes in involving the parents as much as possible as it will lead to a positive impact on the students. For this purpose, the GurujiWorld representative showed the parents the Gklass app and told them how it will be beneficial for their children. They also discussed many things with the parents like the importance of the role of the parents in their children’s education, how to support them at home, importance of communicating with them, the difficulties they face etc. After the discussions were over, the parents also tried their hands on the e-learning software to experience it first-hand.


Parents present in the meeting.


Rahul Jainar showing the features of GKlass to the parents.


Teacher, Vinayak Khare sir showing how GKlass assess the progress of the class.


A parent trying her hand on GKlass.


PTM at Powai Dockyard Municipal English School.


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