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The Path Towards Elite

GurujiWorld Technologies Celebrates the event “The Path towards Elite” on 6th June 2017. Objective of this event was “To work towards a single goal”.

The program was designed and conducted under the ownership of Mr. Shivranjan Kolvankar and Miss. Sakshi Bhatia, Master Trainers and STEM Educators


Opening Of the Event With A Activity


The opening of event was started by small activity – called Boats Making in 3minutes. Through this activity, “The goal was to realize the importance of team work, division of work and setting realistic goals.” Was explained by facilitators.


Innovative and Consistent Resources


Mr. Manish Prabhu (Mentor for GurujiWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) shared his experience, ‘Through educational technology impact in education context has been most positive as given educators, by creating new opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and therefore enhance the standard of education through various learning environment with digital learning aids’. In this way, he addressed that there is a need of, “Innovative and consistent resources”.


CEO’s Speech


Mr. Girish Prabhu, CEO of GurujiWorld Technologies Pvt.Ltd addressed us that, “To achieve any goal for a person purpose drives passion”. So here, we need to redefine quality products by challenging ourselves. He motivated team through explaining the Values of the company ELITE” – Education, Learning, Innovation, Technology & Excellence”


Team Work & Risk Management


Mrs. Sanjeevanee Prabhu, CRO of GurujiWorld Technologies Pvt Ltd addressed us that, “We have to be a team of knowledgeable person of not being afraid of facing any risk”. She said, in our profession, risk culture gets develop.
According to this approach, Each department presented in front of the larger group about what they do each day, what are their responsibilities and what role are they playing in GurujiWorld..


Essentials To Align Our Goals Together


Towards the end three important questions, which were essential to align our goals together, were asked:

  • What is at stake for us?
  • How are we impacting the kids of India?
  • How can we collaborate with each other to maximize our impact?


In this way, the program was concluded by self-introspection how I am going to create an impact and empower on approximately 7 lakh teachers. By this take away, event was concluded with self-commitment for more better future!


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