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The CSR team of GurujiWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. works relentlessly towards teachers’ development as well as classroom support.   

This team works with absolute coordination and synchronization in order to show the proof points of excellence of GurujiWorld Technologies’ interventions. Mulund Camp School, Mumbai is one such example of excellence.




During the month of August, our Master Trainer Sakshi Bhatia, went on a school visit to Mulund Camp. Her entire visit was summed up with a sense of satisfaction and achievement to see a beautiful blend of technology and teaching inside a single classroom. Following are some of the observations she shared after her visit:


Mulund Camp School is the CSR intervention school of GurujiWorld Technologies under the project called GSocial. GurujiWorld Technologies has launched Audio-Visual Klassroom at Mulund Camp School,Mumbai. The innovative GKlass App has been deployed along with State board interactive e-learning contents for grades 6th English Medium.


The Master Trainer sat behind the classroom to observe the teacher conducting her class. The teacher was using the content from the app to teach Science- Natural Resources. The class was quite interactive and the students were able to understand the concepts better with the help of the visuals.


Another teacher used the app to teach History- ancient scriptures– and the class participation was excellent. The kids were able to connect with the concept and were able to answer the questions by applying their previous knowledge or by connecting it with real life.


This 6th Standard teacher was using GKlass app to teach Mathematics- Angles. She made the concept look simpler by connecting it with real life examples. It was evident that students were enjoying her class.


All these examples show that the teachers of this school are doing whatever it takes to provide quality education to their students. This school can be a great example for all the other partner schools to show a sense of possibility of what GurujiWorld is trying to achieve and what is the impact of technology in classroom.




Mulund School also became the meeting point for CSR team discussion. After the classroom observation, the team decided upon the Standard operating Procedures (SOP) which will be followed by the entire team so that our work becomes more impactful.

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