Interactive and Fun First Day of School

Gearing up for the new academic year, GSocial CSR team visited schools in different regions and engage themselves with students and teachers to set the tone for good collaboration in the entire year.


The team from Palghar District visited Seva Ashram school and had informal interactions with students and teachers. Mrs. Astha and Mr. Nagraj gave warm welcome to the teachers with flowers.


Mr. Shekhar and Mr. Swapnil witnessed to the welcoming atmosphere created by teachers in the school of Indranagar and Adivasi Wave from Dharmatar area in Raigad district. The introduction session with the students created more space to open up. In Shirdi, Mr. Sushant experienced a celebration planed for students where he got a good opportunity to interact with them.


A well-planned day by the Pune CSR team provided a great scope for teachers and students to share experiences, thoughts and feelings during the ‘Circle Time’ based on ‘The Vacation’ and value-based animated videos shown to them. The students were also asked to share their experience of the day with their friends who have not started coming to school yet.


With the vision of providing more opportunity for students to be vocal and teachers to be encouraged, the day was fruitful in a way for all the teams.


Student sharing what new things she learnt in the vacation confidently with an imaginary mike in her hand.


How can Phanse Madam miss the opportunity to share about her visit to the Bhilar Village- Village of Books where she got a chance to see thousands of books with distinct genres.


Students of ZP Bandarpada School, Nandgoan spreading good vibes in the school environment.


Mrs. Astha welcoming teacher with the flower at ZP Shankarpada School, Nandgoan.


Mr. Shekhar felicitating a teacher of RZP school, Wadkhal, Dharamtar on first day of school.


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