“At GurujiWorld, every action is more than just an initiative!”

We believe that education is one among the major pillars of every nation and as citizens, we should contribute the best to the society, through effective and supportive educational initiatives. GurujiWorld is committed to create an environment which is tributary to self and peer development of the unprivileged sections, also which would benefit the people at large. The desire to give back something to the society drives us in building a community of happiness.


Under section 135 of the New Companies Act 2013, CSR for corporate and public sector companies is mandatory. GSocial is our Innovative technology based education delivery model in partnership with corporate and public sector companies under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that helps in empowerment, learning outcomes and measurable impact, by providing educational infrastructure. 

Under our G-Social program, we do a need base analysis for schools and identify students that lack as per performance and in turn try to work towards improving the same.  

How we engage?

  1. Demand creation by conducting a stakeholder survey, needs assessment & recommending program that leverage our expertise and meet the stakeholder’s expectations for their educational needs.
  2. Post survey we design a GSocial program that primarily focuses on educational empowerment and affordable access to educational infrastructure using technology that seeks to address the problems faced by the stakeholders.
  3. Conceptualizing a detailed CSR strategy for the GSocial program that is designed in step two above by jointly discussing with the CSR Committee of the company.
  4. Submitting the GSocial program implementation plan under CSR with recommended models for technology based educational projects to the CSR Committee of the company.
  5. Post approval, signing a 3 year MOU with the company for GSocial program and starting the
    Implementation of this technology based educational project.

What we strive for? 

We continuously work hard towards contributing to address the below challenges faced by Indian School Education system today

  1. Lack numeracy skills in primary school children (50% of 145m).
  2. Mathematics & English remains a pain area.
  3. Lack of good evaluation & progress tracking system.
  4. Low motivation among illiterate Parents towards schooling.
  5. Low Student Teacher Ratio.
  6. Lack of Availability of Quality Teachers.
  7. Lack of Availability of Quality Learning Material.
  8. Lack of equal access to Technology and Knowledge.

Implementation Strategy 

We work on a 3 year model with our partner companies to make GSocial a Self sustainable program for the schools. Below is how we engage during the 3 years with the beneficiary school.



1st year – Training and Execution




2nd year – Engagement



3rd year – Monitoring and Impact


The overall impact of the  program is positive in terms of increased attendance, growth in academic scores & supportive  feedbacks from school HM, teachers, parents and students.

Pre Evaluation Results

  1. Less ability to grasp required skill.
  2. Less scored in academics.
  3. Higher drop-out ratio.
  4. No computer knowledge.
  5. No scope of quality educational material.
  6. Poor education infrastructure.

Post Evaluation Results

  1. Increased ability to grasp required skills.
  2. Remarkable growth in scores for science, Maths and computer subjects.
  3. Reduction in drop-out ratio.
  4. Increased quality of education with CAL.
  5. Improved education infrastructure.
  6. Increase in learning computer skills.


Any organization willing to donate under CSR budgets in the field of technology based education for under privileged schools can partner with us in the following manner:

  1. Ask our CSR team for demand creation by conducting a under privileged schools survey, needs based assessment & recommending program that leverage our expertise and meet the under privileged schools expectations for their educational needs.
  2. You can select a list of under privileged schools that you would like to sponsor digital education.
  3. You can select an NGO to partner with us for implementation of GSocial program and further tracking the progress and monitoring the impact.

Successful Initiatives

  1. More than 10,000 students and 500 teachers are getting benefit Through our G-Social Program currently being run in various rural districts of Maharashtra with the help of various corporates
  2. Successful Implementation of G-KLASS AV Classrooms under G-Social program 6 schools at Kurkumbh – in association with Alkyl Amines Ltd June 2014.
  3. Successful Installation of  Multimedia eLearning content under G-Social program in 4 schools at Ghatkopar in association with D-Mart- August 2014.
  4. Successful Installation of Multimedia eLearning content under G-Social program in 16 schools at Pravara – June 2015.