GKlass e-Learning App Teacher Training to Nandgoan, Dharamtar, Mahad and Vasind School Teacher

GSocial team of Gurujiworld Technologies organized teacher training in Raigad, Palghar and Thane district from 26th to 30th August 2019. GurujiWorld has installed innovative GKlass e-Learning App and Audio Visual Klassroom along with State board interactive e-learning contents for grades 1st to 10th in these schools in sponsorship of JSW and Privi in these areas. Teacher training was conducted at 9 schools in Dharamtar; 2 schools in Mahad; 8 schools in Palghar; and 2 schools in Vasind.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. This phrase perfectly matching with the objective of this training. Without the involvement of students, learning through a digital medium cannot happen. We believe that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences. Instructors who adopt a student-centered approach to instruction increase opportunities for student engagement, which then helps everyone to more successfully achieve the course’s learning objectives.


Along with training on GKlass’s features and ways to build critical thinking, facilitator demonstrated few models in front of the teachers which are helpful for the students to understand the concept in a better way. It also made the teachers explore these models and create new ones by themselves in the session.


“Technology in the classrooms creates an interesting environment for both teaching & learning and it inspires teachers by giving confidence of handling the technology” feedback of the teacher of Kambale-Birwadi and Asanpoi schoolteachers in Mahad.


Experiment shown by Mr. Adesh how the volume differs when the length of radius differs in Khatiwali School.


Ms. Swati with the help of teacher making working model of flying cup during the training in Seva Ashram School


“Experiential learning is best for understanding the concept.” Ms. Swati Suman made student experience the working model explains the air pressure.


Teacher of Z.P school, Navapur, Palghar was excited to handle robotic arm made with waste material.


In Anuvikas Marathi Medium school Ms. Swati gave demonstration of how ‘Opinion Line’ will help students make their own opinion and expressing it.


‘What went wrong’ is one of the method that helps students in critical thinking exercised by Ms. Neeta with students in R.Z.P. school, Kanhoba.


After training in Mankule Highschool, the teacher exploring the new features of GKlass e-Learning App.


In R.Z.P. School Indranagar, along with the teachers, even students got trained for promoting independent learning in the class.


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