Celebrating Cooperation Day – to build a better world

We observed Cooperation day on 6th July. It was celebrated by GSocial CSR team in different schools at different locations. The purpose of this celebration was to create awareness and the importance of cooperation in today’s life where everyone is too self-centered. Looking into the need of the hour, GSocial CSR team is committed to adding the value of cooperation and teamwork in students for the betterment of coming generation.


To make the children understand the concept in a better way, they were shown videos on importance of Teamwork. Team asked many questions to help children differentiate between individual efforts and team efforts and children were able to relate it with their day to day experiences. To make the session interactive and fun, the team played games like Find the leader, Balloon activity, Sequence the story, etc.


Working in the pairs and in the groups requires a lot of cooperation for which the listening ability and understanding others’ point of view is essential. The program was designed in such a way that the team could achieve the same and students start practicing this in their studies and in life.


Mr. Suraj explained the working of human body for children to understand the concept of cooperation.


‘Pair- share’ helps in building learning with whole class approach which comes with cooperation.


Mumbai CSR team made the student understand the meaning of cooperation through balloon chain game.


Group work – Students engrossed into sequencing story.


Students of ZP school Shankarpada, Palgar showing their unity towards the cooperation activity.


Explanation by Mr. Swapnil on working in cooperation at KES high school Mankule, Raigad.


“We will maintain a good manner and will behave well. Today you have taught us the most important thing to be united for better word through these simple game.” feedback by one of the 8th-grade student after event celebration.


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