Reducing school drop-out ratio and facilitating skill sets


Firangi Mata High School, Kurkumbh


In order to meet the new generation classroom skills, Firangi Mata High School wished to embrace the technology and enable students and teachers to use space and tools that would help in improved educational quality. With the help of online learning tools, the school wanted to overcome their major problems such as:

  • Decrease in student attendance
  • Scarcity of quality teachers to teach the STEM subjects.
  • Lack of classroom resources for constructive learning
  • Lack of quality education
  • Teachers needed help in organising lesson plans and enhancing their eveluation techniques.

In this technological era, the importance of audio visual technology in education should not be underestimated. We supplied and enabled our comprehensive learning delivery and progress tracking app GKlass. The implementation was also a challenge as we had to survey on the issues faced by teachers and students to produce a customised learning experience.


The client opted for GKlass, which is our flagship and innovative content delivery app framework designed for primary & secondary school students and teachers. The USP of GKlass is that the courseware can cover school curriculum subjects with child centric teaching methodologies, English Language skills and ICT skills.

Our major focus was on boosting the ability of children to grasp required skill sets through the audio-visual segments. This way, students can gain remarkable growth in academics and the drop-out ratio also reduces as the AV classrooms induce interactions.

GKlass focuses on enhancing teaching skills by comprehensive mapping of the curriculum with the syllabus and breaking them into micro modules on its GKlass platform. This eliminated the difficulties among teachers in understanding of STEM subjects and helped in building their confidence.


  • Lesser Drop Out Ratio
  • Students Inclination towards Learning
  • Improved Educational Quality
  • Quality Educational Infrastructure

With the help of GKlass, the school was able to provide an affordable ad convenient learning experience with high quality and induce engagement in academics through storyboarding and interactive digital contents.

Provision of a complete audio visual classroom and multimedia content


4 schools at Ghatkopar and 16 schools at Pravara, Maharastra


Students must learn to think for themselves. A test question should not just be either black or white. They should provide programs that would create opportunities to analyze and solve problems with innovation. One does not have to be confined to a their ordinary chalkboard teachings and less resourceful information. It is essential for schools to adapt with audio-visual and multimedia learning that would instill interest among students and also inspire teachers to give their best.

  • Low attendance
  • Low response from students
  • No Quality Education
  • Poor Educational Infrastructure
  • Lack of Quality teachers

We enabled multimedia K-12 content and wholesome audio-visual classroom installation to the schools under our GSocial program.


The overall impact of the facilitation is positive in terms of increased attendance, growth in academic scores & supportive feedbacks from school’s  head master, teachers, parents and students.

Our major focus was on setting up of a digital friendly classroom to help children and teachers explore and learn. We also proposed STEM session plan devised by our team and provided to schools. This plans is further customized from school to school depending on the pre-evaluation test results & also on the availability of the no. of classrooms provided to school.

The schools were able to solve their problems of attendance and also the way students were able to grasp the subjects.


  • Improved attendance
  • Better understanding of subjects for the children
  • Teacher shortage issues resolved

With the help of a multimedia leap, the schools were able to make an emphasis on training educators and providing them with great benefits. At the same time, improve the learning and grasping skills of the students through various illustrations and animations.