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Moving Towards Excellence

The CSR team of GurujiWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. works relentlessly towards teachers’ development as well as classroom support.    This team works with absolute coordination and synchronization in order to show the proof points of excellence of GurujiWorld Technologies’ interventions. Mulund Camp School, Mumbai is one...

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The Path Towards Elite

GurujiWorld Technologies Celebrates the event “The Path towards Elite” on 6th June 2017. Objective of this event was “To work towards a single goal”. The program was designed and conducted under the ownership of Mr. Shivranjan Kolvankar and Miss. Sakshi Bhatia, Master Trainers and STEM Educators   Opening...

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Why are visuals important in e-learning?

The era of visual importance is thriving. The present is where visual content plays a role in every part of life. Researchers say that 65 percent of the population are visual learners and therefore the images are clearly the key to engaging people in eLearning.   The...

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IT EXPO 2015

DECEMBER 2015 IT EXPO 2015 GurujiWorld participated in IT EXPO 2015 hosted by CMDA, Pune in December. Marketing team handled the event and generated a lot of interest in GurujiWorld product portfolio....