Knowledge and experience assimilated through learning remain to be one among the most valuable asset to every human being. GurujiWorld goes beyond today, to deliver effective localized digital contents using innovative technologies to create seamless learning platforms for simplifying learning.

Founded in 2004, as a proprietary firm, GurujiWorld Technologies Private Limited is a young EdTech entrepreneurial venture which believes that when technology is paired with passionate teachers, it enables deeper creativity and scholarship. The students we’re working for, represent a wide variety of backgrounds and communities who has dreams that can be supported by innovative education. Lack of numeracy skills, poor quality learning materials and low student teacher ratio continue to be major challenges faced by our education system. We, Gurujians strive to develop dynamic contents and effective localized apps to provide solutions through our digital yet simplified learning.


Our Achievements

Anything simple and that adds value is people’s favourite. And that is why our unique content is reaching and benefiting around 7 million students with a user base of 7500+ ICT secondary schools in Maharashtra. Having awarded with the e-Maharashtra 2013 Award for Best Multi-Media content for K-12 (Public choice) on May 10, 2013, we have carved a niche by being the 1st in the country to successfully release a new indigenous learning app in the form of GKlass for delivery in any format of contents over Mac, iOS, Android, across all browsers and devices.

(for more info visit www.gklass.in)

Our basket of innovative products include:


An innovative app that empowers students and teachers to unleash their inner potential. (for more info visit www.gklass.in)


A school management software over SaaS (Software as a Service)


An app to conduct and manage examinations efficiently, which works online over SaaS, offline and as a mobile app.

All our products are seamlessly integrated using single sign -on (SSO).